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Real Estate 101
  • Determining Your Investment Time Horizon

    When evaluating an investment opportunity, there are many considerations, especially when deciding how to allocate … Read more

  • How to Invest in Real Estate – Investment Strategies

    Real estate has long been considered an alternative investment vehicle and only recently has it become more mainstream. … Read more

  • Evaluating a Commercial Property’s Cash Flow – And Why It Matters

    When acquisitions team members evaluate a potential real estate investment, they consider a wide range of key metrics … Read more

  • Real Estate Investment Strategies – Invest in Sustainability

    Jamestown is proud of its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. … Read more

  • What is an “accredited” commercial real estate investor and why does it matter?

    Under federal securities laws, traditionally only wealthy accredited investors may participate in certain types of … Read more

  • What to consider before investing in commercial real estate

    As a real estate investment firm, we’re encouraged by the rising popularity we’ve seen in the industry over the last … Read more

Real Estate 201
  • What is Net Asset Value (NAV) and why does it matter?

    The Net Asset Value (NAV) per share is commonly used to estimate the market value of a fund and its shares as of a … Read more

  • Understanding Real Estate Cycles

    With ongoing uncertainty in the financial markets, investors are scratching their heads about where the economy goes … Read more

  • Real Estate: The Potential for Inflation Protection

    Reader Request: “Can investing in commercial real estate provide protection against inflation, and what impact do … Read more

  • How do commercial real estate funds generate returns for investors?

    This week Real Estate 360 takes a deep dive into the ways real estate equity funds generate returns. These funds are an … Read more

Real Estate 301
  • The Difference Between Reg A & D Offerings

    How do Regulation A and D offerings compare? As an individual investor interested in the potential to diversify your … Read more