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The Jamestown Advantage

Jamestown has consistently focused on maximizing value for its investors through forward thinking and market discipline.


German individuals, U.S., and international institutional investors in company history

$11.6 Billion

Assets under management worldwide as of December 31, 2023


Offices worldwide and over 400 employees


Year history of transforming spaces into innovation hubs and community centers

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Jamestown co-invests or retains interest in every investment opportunity.

Experienced Sponsor

Consider partnering with a time-tested sponsor that has endured many economic cycles.

Platform Integration

Our in-house team includes: acquisitions, asset management, leasing, portfolio management, development & construction, capital markets, investor relations, and dispositions.

Sustainability & Social Responsibility

Through Jamestown Green and the Jamestown Charitable Foundation, we are focused on efforts to reduce our impact on the environment and support the communities where we own property.

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