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Portfolio Update: June 2021

At Jamestown, we share a mission to create innovation hubs and community centers at our commercial real estate properties.

Once a month, Portfolio News will highlight the people and experiences that make Jamestown real estate properties more than just amazing spaces. Portfolio News posts will explore items of interest in the areas of Innovation, Growth, Sustainability, and Community; these four pillars inform the value-add work we do every day as a real estate investment and management firm. Each of the properties listed here are not owned by or targets for Jamestown Invest 1, LLC. They are not representative of Jamestown Invest 1, LLC’s investment strategy and are not representative of the scale of investments that Jamestown Invest 1, LLC intends to make. This monthly digest is intended to give readers of Real Estate 360 a better understanding of Jamestown’s approach and tenant successes, which all contribute to company culture.


FanDuel recently announced its selection of Ponce City Market in Atlanta, GA, as a new technology hub for its software engineering, product development, user experience, and user interface teams. Sarah Butterfass, FanDuel's Chief Product Officer, said, "This historic building offers our employees a blend of old-world charm, cutting edge sophistication, and modern amenities that will deliver an unmatched working environment."

Ponce City Market


Industrious opened a 26,000 SF flexible workspace at Concord's 2001 Clayton. It is conveniently located adjacent to Concord’s Bay Area Rapid Transit station and the amenity-rich Todos Santos Plaza. This is Industrious’ 5th location in the San Francisco Bay area and its 19th location in California.

Industrious expansion


Jamestown’s Troy Harris was invited by Georgia Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock to provide testimony before the Senate Agriculture Committee highlighting private working forests as a natural carbon solution and advocating for mass timber. Troy said, “The built environment is one place where sustainable forest products can produce clear climate wins. According to the United Nations, traditional building materials account for roughly 11% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Building with wood can substantially reduce that number. And mass timber buildings – buildings made with structural timber – make more wood-intensive buildings possible.”

Jamestown Timber


Reebok hosted a gathering to celebrate the lighting of its rooftop marquis sign to reflect its Progress Pride Flag campaign. The event was led by Reebok's LGBTQIA+ Employee Resource Group called Colorful Soles. Reebok changes its sign's colors throughout the year to reflect holidays or events. This month’s colors convey the company's commitment to providing an inclusive and safe space for all.

Jamestown Reebok Pride celebration
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